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We are a global cooperative that offers unique virtual experiences.

Originally, we gathered as an informal team of 30+ facilitators, consultants, coaches, and technologists as early as February 2020 in response to the emerging organizational needs due to the pandemic.

As you navigate this new business reality, our team is here to support your business and organization with our novel learning techniques, innovative practices, and dynamic approach to help your organization build stronger connections and effectiveness.

We know it, because we already work that way!



Virtual Events & Conferences

We facilitate and design small and large gatherings that provide a unique experience in which we ignite connections between people and help getting things done. We partner with you from ideas through results.

Organisational Transformation

We help to align business processes and people’s needs for increased connection and cooperation. We use the latest technology to enhance collaboration throughout your organization and beyond.

Online Learning & Development

We offer digital learning experiences that boost your teams’ mindset to embrace innovation and collaboration. Our enthusiasm for designing learning experiences is equal to our skills in animating dynamic events, training, and team workshops.

Why we are different

With our expertise in global companies and non-profit organizations we help to improve your team collaboration and communication with stakeholders while feeling more socially connected. As the virtual sphere continues to merge with the physical, it requires teams and larger groups to be creative, agile, adaptable, and flexible. Having the right tools in place and strengthening personal relationships will enable your teams to have a competitive advantage. Bridging time zones and geographical distances, realizing faster knowledge sharing, and the ability to make decisions more quickly are keys to business success and well-being at work. We live those principles day-by-day in our own team.

What Our Clients Say

"This has been the greatest event I ever joined since very long: I have to go back 30 years to find something comparable in terms of deep connection among human beings and magic happening among them."

Delfino Corti

“Before attending the conference I couldn’t imagine that it is possible to create human encounter within the virtual space. But now I can tell you… hell yes! It’s possible.”

Agathe Osika

“The best conference ever for me, because it was so incredibly authentic, relevant, international, sustainable, human, professional and emotional with a concentrated competence and expertise that I am still deeply touched by it. I learned so much, recharged so much positive energy, met wonderful people and had goose bumps during the sessions. The closing party yesterday around the globe brought tears of joy to me while I danced wildly in front of the screen like everyone else!”

Marilyn Sul

“You created a place of welcome, a space of support, security and sharing. I just came to the campfire and it is still warm there.”

Yuliya Shtaltovna

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