Current world crises are calling for a change in mindset, skillset and toolset.


While what’s happening in the world confronts us with challenges, it also offers new possibilities. The virtual sphere merges with the physical as a place for meeting, getting work done and even creating strong relational fields. Working virtually enables a bridging of time zones and geographical distance. Done well, it can build better communication, team-working and innovation.

Our multi-talented, internationally based team offers a broad range of online alternatives for your events, team meetings and asynchronous working. We contend that the online sphere is a great place for learning, innovation and building connections. We know it, because we already work that way.

We can support you in:

  • Agile ways of working
  • Meeting and event design
  • Strategic change management
  • Organizational development, including vision, values and purpose
  • Participatory methods that bring out the best in your team
  • Capacity building and training
  • Leadership and personal development
  • Community building and management
  • Stakeholder engagement

If you are reading this, then perhaps you are in the middle of navigating how to keep your business going and you think the online space might be the answer.  We offered a four-day online event called the Virtual Collaboration Campus, to get connected, learn new skills (or deepen those you already have) and experience a new world of working.


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Our offering includes

facilitation of virtual team meetings

online or blended workshops

virtual conferences


online learning programs

training in virtual teamwork

technical support and solutions 

for strategy development, identification of vision, values and purpose, stakeholder engagement and much more.

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