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The Virtual Collaboration Campus
What an Amazing Experience for All 

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The Virtual Collaboration Campus

is a four days of full immersion into virtual collaboration processes, tools and methods. We offer 36 hours of learning and interacting across all time zones. A variety of sessions give you a wide-ranging taster of how you can work and succeed online.

Join our circle of experienced facilitators to learn how digital teaming works, to experience the kind of participation you can set up virtually and to try a variety of applications. This is one of the quickest ways to jump into the digital realm and see how it can work for you!


What do I get?

There are 72 one hour sessions offered on a wide range of topics across the four days. You’ll be able to experience working virtually with our circle of facilitators. If this isn’t your first time in cyberspace, join us to expand your toolkit, work with the experts and immediately expand your horizons.

You can also choose from the three themes that weave through our event:

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Download your Program Agenda and Session Information


Where does it take place?

The Virtual Collaboration Campus will take place on Zoom and in Howspace and use a variety of other platforms. You will receive full details after your registration.

The daily schedule will run from 9am CET (3am ET / 6pm AET) and end at 11pm CET (5pm ET, 8am AET next day).
If there is sufficient demand, we will add more sessions for Australian / American time zones.


How can I participate?

You can buy packages of five 60-minute sessions. Additionally, you will have access to free sessions and to the virtual campfire, which you can access without using the tickets from your package

You can review which session is running on which day in the tables below to get a sense of what is on offer. If you want to attend more than 5 sessions, you can buy up to 4 packages. If you need tickets for multiple employees, each of the participants needs to register separately. You might use the sessions of a package on multiple days.

A few days before the Virtual Collaboration Campus starts you will receive a link to our collaboration platform. With that link you can sign up for the individual sessions of your choice. Most sessions will be offered twice and we are planning to offer additional sessions on topics, which are in greater demand once the conference has started. Shortly before the conference begins, you will also receive access codes and links to the video platform


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